Dental Crowns for Children

If your child has a problem tooth that needs extra protection, a dental crown is a great option to keep the tooth safe from further damage. A dental crown is a cap made to fit over a tooth that protects it from outside threats such as decay and plaque build-up. Not only do dental crowns protect from future damage, but they also help restore the tooth's appearance and strength after it has suffered. Dental crowns completely cover the visible part of the tooth all the way to the gum line to maximize their effectiveness. They've been proven to be particularly effective in restoring and protecting children's teeth because young teeth tend to bounce back from damage when properly treated.

The only way to know if your child needs a dental crown is to see a professional who will inspect the tooth and take dental X-rays to see what's going on under the surface. Though it may be too late to restore this tooth to its complete, natural state, a dental crown will restore much of its damage and help the teeth move forward. In the future, you can help your child prevent the need for a dental crown by preventative care efforts such as brushing, flossing, and scheduling dental cleanings and examinations every six months. If your child has particularly sensitive teeth, you should also consider fluoride treatments and improve their dental habits at home.

We provide a range of pediatric dental and orthodontic services, including dental exams & cleanings, dental sealants, and dental crowns. We offer both Stainless Steel Crowns and White Zirconia Crowns. Though our office is located in Peabody, our patients come from several towns, including Danvers, Salem, and Lynn, to name a few. Call, email, or fill out a contact form today to inquire about how we can improve your child's oral health!

A tooth with missing teeth and a magnifying glass.