Read Our Dental Office Policies and FAQs

  • At Everett Childrens Dental Center, we aim to provide the best quality care using the latest techniques and equipment in a fun environment for our patients. In order to serve you better, we adhere to the following policy when scheduling your child's appointment. Please check in with our receptionist 10 minutes before your appointment time for new patient registration.
  • Our office kindly requests that you provide a 24-hour notice if you are unable to keep an appointment.
  • A same-day cancellation of your appointment will be recorded as a broken appointment and a $35 office fee will be billed.
  • Two broken appointments in a 12-month period will result in a referral out of the office.
  • One broken conscious sedation or hospital appointment without notice will result in a referral out of the office.
  • Our office will submit insurance claims for payment on your behalf. However, you are ultimately responsible for any non-payment or services not covered under your dental insurance.
  • Our doctors encourage you to accompany your child to their appointments. There are some instances that the doctors may recommend that your child come in by himself/herself for behavior management and get the treatment done.
  • The doctors and staff will review all proposed treatments and X-rays after the exam with you. For young children, dental X-rays may not be possible. Diagnosis and treatment may only be done by a clinical exam.
  • All restorative appointments will be scheduled after your child’s exam and cleaning appointment. On the day of the restorative visit, the doctor will review today’s recommended treatment and address any questions before starting treatment for your child.
  • Restorative treatment may include: preventive sealants with the hygienist, fillings (white or silver), crowns (stainless steel or EZ Pedo white crowns) for baby molars, nerve treatment for deep dental decay, extractions for teeth that cannot be restored, and crowding or for orthodontic (braces) treatment.
  • In a pediatric dental office, it is not uncommon that the doctor will recommend using nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to help your child cope with dental treatment. Therefore, it’s recommended that your child should only have a very light snack with no dairy products two hours before the appointment.
  • A separate consent will be required for teeth needing endodontic treatment (root canal therapy) or permanent teeth extractions.
  • If you miss a hospital appointment without notice, the hospital will be unable to reschedule one for you.
  • If your account balance is past due, no new treatment will be initiated. A past balance of 90 days without activity will result in a referral out of the office.
  • For the request of dental records, there is a $25.00 office fee for processing.

Frequently Asked Questions

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